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  • Ironbark Energy (IBE) is the owner of the Gunnedah Solar Farm (GSF).
  • The GSF will be located on the fringe of Gunnedah’s existing industrial precinct appx 4.5km west of the Gunnedah town centre.
  • The Solar Farm project will create job opportunities during construction and operation.
  • IBE estimates that up to 60 workers will be required at the peak of the construction phase of the project and during operation up to 5 jobs will be created.
  • By delivering clean, cheap renewable electricity to meet the regions energy needs, IBE is confident that the overall project will deliver significant and ongoing benefits to the Gunnedah and wider communities.
  • With the Solar Farm site being flanked by a newly created industrial land subdivision, it will help further the development of Industry in the Gunnedah township and surrounding areas; IBE plans to supports local community initiatives and when the project moves into operation, IBE aims to be an active member of the community by building a Solar Information Centre at the GSF site for locals and tourists visiting the area.
  • Construction of the Industrial Park bordering the Solar Farm is almost complete; Construction of the Solar Farm is planned to begin in 2021.
  • The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) has been locally contracted wherever possible with renewable energy specialists being bought in where appropriate.
  • The Solar Farm will have an operating life of around 25 years.
  • The project is funded by IBE with the support of Community Investors and the Australian government through grant schemes currently in place.
  • GSF will have an initial capacity of 27MWac and will generate enough electricity to supply around 6,800 homes * (MWac refers to power in alternating current).
  • IBE is confident that output capacity will nearly double when stage 2 is approved and bought online. IBE, like other PV plant developers plans to install more panels than the capability of the inverters on site are rated for, in order to generate the maximum possible volume of electricity throughout the day.
  • The Solar Farm will be designed using fixed tilt arrays.
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